Here you can find the latest thoughts of the team at Medisort.

You can also see Stuart in his interview with the University of Brighton in the video here, and the exceprt below:


Medisort is a Sussex-based specialist clinical waste contractor. The company collects and sorts single-use instruments and nappies, and has employed innovative ways of recycling clinical waste.

The company has worked with the university in a variety of ways, including¬†working with the Green Growth Platform, and collaborating with the university’s research experts.

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Hear Medisort talk about how they have worked with the University of Brighton.


‘I presented my recycling ideas to the Profitnet group and the members helped me tremendously in developing my thoughts.’

University research expertise: polymers

As a result of his work with the university, Stuart is working with one of the University of Brighton’s experts in polymers with a view to identifying whether the ideas the company has for recycling nappies are practical and solutions can be found.

This collaboration has led Stuart to consider working with our students, and to potentially turn the polymers research into a masters project in order to take the project from initial laboratory trials to a beneficial solution.

Stuart said:¬†“Through working with the university, you get experience of raising funding, and access to experts in your field and other areas that might benefit a particular project.”