Medisort is pleased to announce its new partnership with Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust with Medisort appointed as the operator of the Trust’s new £10.7m Energy Generation Centre for Hillingdon Hospital.

Medisort won the competitive tender to operate the Trust Energy Generation Centre. Under this new partnership Medisort will provide waste collection services for the Trust and provide steam to generate heating and hot water to support the delivery of patient care services at the hospital, sited nearby in Pield Heath Road, Uxbridge.

The Energy Generation Centre and its infrastructure has been comprehensively refurbished with engineering work focused on improved emission standards and efficiencies. Some of the key improvements include:

· Installation of a twin-pass boiler to improve water and energy usage for more efficient steam generation.

· Installation of an automated, Intelligent Combustion Management System (ICMS), to control and optimise operation of the combustion process, which provides a safe and innovative approach to hazardous medical waste treatment.

· Acid gas reagent changed from lime to sodium bicarbonate to neutralise a wider range of emissions.

· Replacement of bag filters with dry ceramic filters to decrease dust stack emissions.

· Improvements to external hardstanding and surface water drainage systems.

· Inclusion of new Insulated panels in the building to improve heat retention and reduce noise transmission to the surrounding area.

The Energy Generation Centre refurbishment is ending shortly; at this point we will start commissioning, which is broken down into six distinct phases, and closely monitored by the Environment Agency:

1. Commissioning testing of all the auxiliary equipment. Mid December 2023.

2. Cold commissioning the testing of all the Energy Generation Centre support systems, i.e., without heat. Mid December 2023.

3. Hot commissioning using natural gas heating to test of all incinerator support systems without introducing waste, using non-waste biomass fuel (wood pellets), and processing waste through the plant. January 2024.

4. Reliability testing will continue for a further 30 days. February 2024.

5. Commissioning of the Energy Generation Centre, approved and supported by the Environment Agency, will be conducted by trained and qualified engineers, fully in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Once commissioning is completed, the hospital will benefit from steam generated from the process to provide heating and hot water instead of burning natural gas. This is a key element of the sustainability of the hospital operations, finances for the Trust and reducing carbon emissions to support NHS net-zero target. The plant will also add a significant waste treatment capacity for the NHS supporting the resilience of these services.

If you have any questions about the site or the commissioning phase of this project, please contact:

Roger Scott: Customer Compliance Manager. Mark Williams: Plant Manager. Email:

Tele: 07407 734611 Tele: 07464 829336

Environmental Agency: Phone Number: 03708 506 506