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This contract delivers a complex clinical waste collection and disposal service encompassing Mental Health, Sexual Health and an Acute Hospital within several London boroughs, to fulfil the requirements of three separate Trusts. Sites include a hospital, 25 community clinics and approximately 220 home patient’s residences (which increases as the on-going initiative to treat more people at home rolls out).

The client required utmost professionalism and full compliance, with particular emphasis on our ability to achieve the following reactions to:


  • Emergency Calls
    • Service Response Time – Immediate
    • Rectification Time -­‐ 4 hours
  • Urgent Calls
    • Service Response Time -­‐ 2 hour
    • Rectification Time -­‐ 24 hours
  • Routine Calls
    • Service Response Time -­‐ Within 2 working days
    • Rectification Time -­‐ 48 hours


Medisort is providing daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly collections from multi-­‐site collection points across these boroughs, along with a daily bin exchange from the hospital. The contract also required the supply of consumables to all the sites.

The volumes and value of waste varies in line with the producers’ needs from month to month.

Medisort were required to comply with all current and future legislation, regulations and guidelines during the term of the contract, whilst the Client recognised that legal compliance from us does not absolve them from their own specific responsibility


  • Waste carrier registration certificate.
  • Local Authority authorisations
  • Transfer station License
  • Integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC) permits & pollution prevention and control (PPC) permits.
  • Environmental permits.
  • Waste exemptions certificates


All vehicles used for providing the services were to be suitably roadworthy in accordance with the Road Traffic Act and, as appropriate, be properly licensed by the Local Authority and be of a type that conforms to current Motor Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations, the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2011 etc., and future regulations during the course of the contract. All Vehicles were to be maintained to a high standard of reliability and roadworthiness and be subject to inspection at any reasonable time. The interior and exterior of all vehicles must be kept clean and tidy.

We are required to demonstrate that we can provide adequate cover for the non-­‐availability of vehicles for any reason. The vehicles shall at all times, at our expense, be appropriately maintained in a roadworthy condition, licensed and insured.

Medisort completed site surveys, pre acceptance waste audits and risk assessment of all sites prior to start of the contract to identify site restrictions, access availability and to understand the needs of the diverse multi-­‐site collection points. It was critically important to talk to the relevant staff so that we could devise a bespoke service and meet or exceed the expectations of all stakeholders.

Following this comprehensive process, it was found that a mixture of 3.5 tonne and 7.5 tonne vehicles would be required to facilitate all the smaller sites with the collection service required, which include bin exchange and loose collections. Home patient collections were also part of the contract that required additional features, such as phone contact numbers and appropriate internal training so that our drivers could make discreet contact with potentially vulnerable people. A larger vehicle is used for the Hospital and other bin exchange sites.

Client training was provided prior to contract commencement to highlight the differences between their outgoing service provider and the service being provided by Medisort. This also proved to be of great value to the customer as we were able to combine waste segregation training at the same time, which in turn realised the potential for savings to be made in waste disposal cost from the outset of our involvement.

Consumables and site bins were delivered a week before commencement of the contract ensuring the changeover was as smooth as possible. Medisort would normally work co-­‐operatively with the outgoing contractor to provide an efficient transition; this was made more difficult as they would not collaborate with either the Trust or the managing contractors. Challenges caused by reluctance of the previous contractor to relinquish the business, were further dealt with by maintaining close contact with both regional management and frontline staff.

Through the advanced mobile communication and sales order processing technology we employ, we are able to adhere to the stringent Emergency, Urgent and Routine response times required within this contract. Full details of the manifest are held on the drivers’ mobile devices and these can be changed instantaneously by the sales co-­‐ordinators in the office or by the driver in response to on-­‐ site conditions. This has been shown on a number of occasions to prevent minor daily issues developing into problems of greater significance that could, in turn, cost substantial amounts to rectify.

Medisort provided a bin exchange system where practicable, working alongside the infection control team on site. This has reduced double handling of waste and improved site cleanliness where previously all the collections were loose.

Medisort has advised on compliance and container selection to optimise and reduce expenditure on consumables and disposal costs. Where difficult bag waste was found, Medisort sourced a heavy duty UN approved bag to accommodate and prevent double bagging of the waste and therefore double handling. This solution was implemented within two weeks; we found a suitable supplier, acquired the items and delivered them into the site that required them. We now keep a level of stock that enables them to receive additional supplies following just 24 hours’ notice of delivery.

Medisort has introduced single use instrument recycling as an option, giving an environmental benefit in conjunction with the financial savings of not sending the waste to incineration. To date we have taken over 1 Tonne of recyclable single use instruments out of the incineration waste stream, reducing cost and aiding compliance within the waste hierarchy.

Medisort has provided literature to the Trusts for distribution, and has planned further training sessions on the segregation and packaging of waste as per The Safe Management of Healthcare Waste guidance document version 1.8; this will be ongoing throughout the duration of the contract.

On two occasions we have been asked for urgent collections which needed a response within 24 hours. We significantly exceeded expectations by collecting within 4 hours of the request because of the mobile technology we employ. Additionally, and just as importantly, we were able not only to alter the schedules of our drivers but we were also able to generate electronic consignment notes so the full auditable trail and compliance was fully documented.

All this has been introduced within the first six months of the contract, which is made possible through our vast experience of multi-­‐site collections, training and backup services, provided by experienced individuals who have worked within the healthcare waste industry for many years and consequently we understand the changes that have happened and the effects they have on the Trusts.