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As the UK leader in diagnostics solutions, our customer offers a uniquely broad and innovative portfolio of products to patients, physicians, researchers, hospitals and laboratories. As such, their products empower patients to monitor their own chronic diseases easily and accurately and their professional diagnostic portfolio helps clinicians to detect, monitor and manage medical conditions.

Always at the forefront of technological development within their field, our customer routinely offers superior devices for their healthcare clients to use when developing their own service. Consequently, older machines need to be replaced and disposed of with the same level of care and professional concern for the environment and people’s welfare as the equipment they painstakingly design and build.

Our customer established minimum requirements for the protection of employees and environment from risks resulting from contaminated instruments. In this context, every instrument is considered contaminated that was used to analyse samples or control materials of human, animal or other origin, where it was not possible to exclude the presence of infectious agents. Medisort were presented with the challenge to provide a sterilisation service of medical equipment prior to recycling, based on World Health Organisation Guidelines for biosafety in the laboratory, the biosafety guidelines of the American Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and The National Institute of Health , as well as our customer’s group directives for safety, health and environment.

The solution had to harmonise with national managers’ responsibility to ensure biosafety while accommodating the daily demands of running a truly global, world class organisation. This involved being able to quickly, and professionally, cope with monthly consignments that vary in quantity from one to twenty tonnes. The machines include centrifuges, dialysis machines and other large machines, which made our facility ideal by design to accommodate such a problematic task.

We had to design an auditable process for receipt, storage and certified sterilisation of the equipment that met the client’s needs along with those of the Environment Agency.

Our customer is a world leader in the supply of medical diagnostic equipment. Medisort provides a bespoke sterilisation service for all their end of life equipment within the UK, which includes locations as far apart as Northern Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall and Kent from all of the nation’s major hospitals and teaching institutions.

We produced a protocol so that our customer could bring in all their equipment and have a fully auditable trail from decommissioning at the healthcare site, through transport to receipt at Medisort and delivery onwards for recycling and recovery.

The requirements of this contract are very unusual because of the size of some of the equipment that is brought in. The fact that Medisort’s treatment process involves shredding after autoclaving enables us to sterilise the larger items which was a perfect solution for our customer. The high pressure, multi stage steaming cycle ensures thorough, deep decontamination, even in the fine capillary tubes and hidden crevices of their machines.

Medisort created a unique booking in system for this contract, developed because of the unusual nature of the Equipment. A procedure was also designed for the storage and collection of the sterilised items that takes into account healthcare and waste electrical and electronic equipment disposal regulations.

The processes and protocols developed have given our customer a belt & braces sterilisation procedure which gives them peace of mind that the recycling process which follows is free from any possible infection risk, ensuring the Health & Safety of those involved in that activity.

During the initial stages we developed a new system to accommodate the exacting standards that were required; we developed bespoke carts for loading equipment into the autoclave, documented processes for delivery and storage and a system for ensuring efficacy of the sterilisation process.

This contract in particular shows Medisort has the flexibility to develop and work outside the constraints of a standard clinical waste collection and disposal service.