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Medisort Information


The Directors of Medisort Stuart Brittle and Kevin Miles have over 50 years’ experience of high quality processing and logistics; Andy Higgins the Sales & Marketing Director has served over 15 years at the forefront of the clinical waste Healthcare Market; formally the Sales & Marketing Director of Cliniserve and then, following Cliniserve’s acquisition, the Commercial Director of SRCL.

Our Service Delivery Manager, Roger Scott, has been ensuring customers’ staff are carefully guided through the minefield of healthcare waste regulations and addressing their needs throughout his time at Lifestyle, Cliniserve, SRCL, Catalyst and now at Medisort.

We see our collection vehicle drivers as an integral part of the customer service team because they have direct contact with more of our customers than any other group of staff members. Between them and the internal sales office team, we have an average of over nine years of experience per person.

Medisort’s aim is to be the No 1 Service provider in the field of healthcare waste collection and treatment within the UK, creating a dedicated bespoke partnership with each and every customer, no matter how small or large.


MOPS & MediTrack

Providing a reliable service for clients whose needs change frequently requires quick thinking and malleability from the whole of the Medisort team and the back-­‐up of great systems. Medisort meets this objective through the dedication, care and attention to detail of our skilled internal sales team coupled with the conscientious driving team who are focused on delivering outstanding customer service.

The Medisort Order Processing System (MOPS) combines internal sales functions, including customer details and service requirements, with the vehicle drivers’ instructions and continually updates the central database via GPS data downloads. This means we can be reactive throughout the day should a problem arise, with the aim of resolving minor issues before they become problems, and often before the client is aware of any change or deviation from normal running. We have shown this on numerous occasions when we have re-­‐routed a vehicle to collect waste in response to an urgent call. MOPS generates electronic consignment notes based only on information input from the driver as the collection is made, incorporating all real world changes that crop up. In this way we are fully compliant with the documentation trail, which ensures the client’s duty of care record is accurate, complete and immediately available.

Within MOPS there is a Route Designer which designates bespoke vehicle routes; optimising miles travelled that in turn reduces our carbon footprint.

The Medisort Waste Tracking System (MediTrack) is also bespoke and was designed from the outset to run alongside MOPS. In conjunction with our tagging system that follows the colour codes in The Safe Management of Healthcare Waste V1 and individually bar coded bins, MediTrack records the waste from cradle to grave, giving fully auditable traceability. We were careful to ensure that MediTrack meticulously complies with the requirements of the Environment Agency. The functions of Medisort are:


  • To track waste streams by EWC code and customer
  • To report date and time of waste disposal
  • To prepare data for EA returns submissions
  • To produce customer reports on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.


The ability to email collection receipts along with the wide range of reports that can be generated, aid Trusts & PCT’s with Estates Return Information Collection submissions and monthly/quarterly quantity reports.

Medisort use post shredding within our process compared to a pre-­‐shred most commonly used within the UK. As a company we have a duty of care to our staff and post shredding is the safest methodology within the industry preventing our staff coming into contact with untreated hazardous waste should there be a blockage with the shredder.