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Dental Waste

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for the dental waste you produce.

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We’ve worked with hundreds of dental and orthodontic practices to remove their dental waste discretely, stay compliant and keep their costs down. 

Complying with Dental Waste Management and Disposal Regulations is vital to every type of dental practice. Dental Waste is different to other types of hazardous waste, requiring specialist segregation, storage, collection and disposal. We offer a full range of dental waste services helping to ensure that all practices are compliant, from making sure that you have the right bins, to advising on how you should store the waste and collecting the waste from you at your convenience.

We discretely dispose of the following:

  • Bagged waste
  • Tooth boxes
  • Fixer and developer containers
  • Lead foil bins
  • Sludge drums
  • Amalgam and capsule containers
  • Sharps containers

Key things to remember about us:

  • There are no hidden costs. You will know exactly how much you’re paying.
  • You only pay for the waste you produce.
  • We do all of the compliance paperwork for you, which you can access through our online portal anytime.

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Choose Your Collection

We do our best to collect waste when it’s convenient for you. 

Pay As You Go

We offer Pay As You Go as well as Fixed Term prices in our contracts, whichever you prefer.

EA Authorised

We’re authorised by the Environment Agency, ensuring that we are compliant in our practices.

Manage Account Online

Book collections, download all of your compliance documents and see your invoices in our online portal. Coming soon.

Want to know more about dental waste management?

“Where do I dispose of used needles and syringes?”

“How should I dispose of glutaraldehyde?”

“Where should I dispose of amalgam fillings?”

Our team can answer any questions you have.

Our values


Making life easier for our customers

You can pay as you go or have fixed prices, whichever you prefer. We also do our best collect waste at the right time for you and all of the documentation that you need is available in your online account.


Supporting our people

The Medisort family are an independent UK-owned business. We support everyone who works for us with training, care andprofessional development. 


Hear from our customers!

Disposal of my healthcare waste has never been so simple and straightforward as it is now.” – Jon Sames, J Sames Opticians Limited

“I am very grateful for your quick turnaround and delivery of bins which has helped us to maintain our normal service levels on site.” – Kerry Newton, BML Healthcare Ltd

“I have found your service to be very good. It’s simple and straightforward and I don’t have to think about it. On top of that it’s reasonably priced with no nasty ‘extra charges’. You all seem very friendly on the phone too. I could not ask for more. Thank you.” – John Philips, The Hollies

Investing in nappy recycling

We’re always looking for new solutions to dispose of our waste in a way that creates a positive environment impact. Most of our waste already goes into creating energy. 

We’re currently investigating different ways to recycle nappies with the University of Brighton – one of the biggest waste problems that nobody has been able to solve yet.

Are you ready to get your Dental Waste sorted for you?