Springtime is considered an opportunity for fresh new beginnings and signals new ventures, which is certainly accurate for us here at Medisort. This season we are proud to be launching our new Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHP) Collections program, to encourage the correct and environmentally responsible disposal of absorbent hygiene products, such as nappies, incontinence waste and sanitary products. Teaming up with Arun District Council and West Sussex County Council, Medisort are delighted to be part of this trial scheme which encourages smart removal of waste from residential properties, which also includes a new weekly separate collection of food waste.

AHP is a broad category of products that includes baby nappies, sanitary protection pads, tampons, adult incontinence products and personal care wipes; this waste is classed as non-infectious, offensive / hygiene waste. Nowadays, nappies are one of the most challenging types of post-consumer waste that are not recycled within the home and are usually disposed of with general rubbish, or worse, flushed down the toilet. Medisort’s role in the scheme is to encourage segregated disposal of this waste by providing yellow and black waste bags (Tiger Bags) to households where a weekly collection will commence, therefore freeing up the general waste collections by taking this odorous fraction away. Initially, this waste will be sent for energy recovery while we progress investment in a new nappy recycling facility in Sussex.

Greener options guarantee that no waste is sent to landfill, is recycled and re-used where possible.

Our involvement in the various schemes, partners Arun District Council and West Sussex County Council are running, sets us at the forefront within their tiered system at point one.

1) Introducing weekly food waste collections and an optional, free subscription service of AHP. Medisort will lead AHP with weekly collections of Tiger Bags at participating properties to minimise the build-up of unpleasant and sometimes smelly waste.

2) Arun District Council will be retaining existing fortnightly recycling and charged, subscripted garden waste collections service. Small electrical items will be also collected fortnightly from kerbside properties.

3) Three weekly general rubbish collections in new 240ltr wheelie bins

Approximately 1,150 households will be able to access this green service, covering various home types and demographics, commencing on 19th May 2021, which includes Medisort collecting AHP waste from those subscribed households weekly.


Who is eligible for the AHP Waste Service?

If you have received a letter of the trial commencing in your area, you live permanently at the address and you use AHP you are eligible for the collection service. Please call to register.

How do I request a new supply of bags?

You will be provided with an initial supply of Tiger Bags once registered for the trial. On collection day, our friendly drivers will switch your bags like for like; however many you put out, the same number of new bags will be received. Should you run out, or require additional Tiger bags, please do not hesitate to call our customer service team.

If you live in a flat, when you register Medisort will agree how you would like your replacement sacks delivered to you and how many you are likely to need each week.

I am a care giver/relative who provides frequent care at my home, for those registered, will I be able to get the collection at my property too?

If your address is not included in the current trial scheme, sadly no. However, we can suggest that AHP waste is taken back to the registered address for collection. In the future if the trial proves successful and the catchment area extends, we can register your address for the service then.

How should I present AHP waste?

If you live in a household you should present your waste in the tied up yellow and black striped AHP sacks provided, not in black bags, other bags, or loose. Please ensure you have tied them up so that they are ‘watertight’.

If you wish, you can put the AHP sack in a bin or other container. There will be restrictions on the size and weight of the bin or container to ensure the Medisort crew can empty them easily without the risk of injury.

If you live in a kerbside property and choose to put the yellow and black striped AHP sacks inside a bin or other container you will need to tell Medisort what this looks like when registering, or before your first collection, so that they know where to find your sacks.

Please also try to avoid using bins that are the same colour as your food, recycling, rubbish, and garden waste bins.

If you live in a flat, then you should take your tied up yellow and black striped sacks provided, to your bin store and put them in the wheelie bin, labelled AHP.

Can I have a container to store the AHP Tiger Bags?

It is up to the householder to store the bags between collections, but we do have bins for sale if you would like to purchase one from us. Alternatively, if you would like to purchase your own bin for the Tiger Bags, please ensure you inform us before your next collection.