Medisort’s extension to the popular nappy waste recycle project.

Last year, during the onset of spring, Medisort teamed up with Arun District Council to introduce a new campaign, encouraging the appropriate and environmentally responsible disposal of Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHP). Initially this was received in the Arun community with mixed opinions, some welcoming the idea and others slightly concerned about ‘another’ way of disposing of waste that may appear confusing or time consuming. However, the scheme which has now been running for a year has had nothing but positive feedback on the impact this project is having on the local district from the councillors to the anonymised householders taking part.

Collections of soiled AHP, and distributions of Yellow Tiger replacement bags, have been running weekly since the start of this scheme in May 2021. Items that residents can dispose of within the project include nappies, feminine hygiene products, PPE, and incontinence waste; this waste is classed as non-infectious, offensive / hygiene waste and can be a problematic post-consumer waste to dispose. The aim of the project (conceived initially in March 2019) is to sustainably recover and recycle more materials from our waste streams, that are currently being sent to energy from waste incineration or landfill sites, which is more relevant and important than ever. Extensive research has shown that AHP recycling could be commercially viable nationwide in the future.

To ensure outstanding service, it is necessary to provide excellent guidance to our drivers and to make sure they have the means to keep in touch with our Customer Service Team. Over the years, we have developed a training plan that emphasises our key message, which is to keep our promises. We also focus on safe and courteous driving and instruction on transport of dangerous goods. So that they know about our customers’ needs, we arrange daily briefing with their dedicated co-ordinators, who provide information about any changes or additions as well as dealing with any issues that might arise.

We are delighted to announce that due to the ongoing success of this novel venture, another West Sussex district council will be commencing domestic collection trials in September. Minimising environmental implications of our waste management processes is a key priority for all of us. Motivation to do so is more relevant and important than ever, to secure a better future for our communities and our planet.

It has been a very positive year for Medisort regarding AHP recycling trials, which we plan to continue in other districts. We’re excited by this project’s potential to reduce the carbon footprint of our customers and hope, in time, that it can be adopted all over the world.

At Medisort, we value sharing ideas. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us, and help us to spread the word by sharing our project with anyone you think may be interested, 01903 719646.